Small retailers

Keep in touch with your customers and build your loyal customer base

omnicanal marketing

Boost your visibility

A web site in 5 minutes.
Possibility to sell your products on the DeeWee Marketplace.
Take advantage of DeeWee's free mobile application to gain audience.


Increase efficiency

Since all your solutions are centralized on a single integrated platform (web site, loyalty program, gift card, game, coupons, etc.) you reduce your investments in digital solutions and gain in efficiency.


Develop your sales

Our platform integrates the latest market trends and responds to customers new shopping behaviour. It makes the marketing power of large brands accessible to all businesses, whatever your size.

Our solutions do not require any changes to your POS system.

Take advantage of our turnkey offers to build a customer database, communicate effectively and in real time with your customers, animate your store by offering games, deals, and collect the opinions of your customers.