Smart Digital Receipt

Connecting Shoppers to Retailers

Why digital receipt ?

Promote a modern "Green" image by offering instant & verifiable Paperless Receipts.

Climate change and excess waste are issues at the forefront of consumers’ concerns today. Adopting Digital Receipt & Couponing technology enables you to promote an image of social & Environmental responsibility and satisfy consumer expectation. 

Digital receipt solution helps you to :

  • Leverage new forms of online technology & data analytics to stay connected with your customers, without any modification to your POS system. 
  • Transform your store into a Digital Ready, Highly Responsive & Consumer Oriented business. 
  • Enrich your customers shopping experience with a range of additional services. 
e-Ticket de caisse



Sustainability and the environmental impact of our consumption is gaining importance for more and more citizens. In a country with a population of 10 Million inhabitants, an estimated 60,000 trees are cut per year to provide consumers the currently required 1.5 billion paper-based receipts.


Digital Receipts creates new opportunities to build novel applications. These new services understand consumer behaviour better and deliver additional value on existing data to the consumers, such as digital guarantees/warranties, expenses management.


70% of consumers are ready to use digital receipts. Digital receipts offer a new way for retailers to interact with individual consumers through a new channel : it is an easy and cost-efficient way to communicate with the consumer after products have been purchased.

Thanks to DeeWee's turnkey solution, you can implement the Digital Receipt solution effortlessly, on a small budget and enjoy many advantages.

Our innovation

Original and Simple

We give consumers freedom of choice!

DeeWee's solution provides multiple options to meet every consumer profile & preference :

Importantly, DeeWee's solution adds NO extra time at the checkout !

Simple to use for consumer

How does it work ?

I'm a consumer


I activate NFC on my smartphone or use any contactless card. (e.g. credit card, transport card...)


At the checkout, I tap the smartphone or card to collect the receipt and coupons. Alternatively, I can press the button to print, or do nothing and the receipt is not printed.


I can also participate in contests and subscribe to loyalty program and gain loyalty points.



Instant capture of receipts data

Transform receipts into revenue: Our solution revolutionizes customer relations in retail. It includes a universal and instant digital receipt system, a powerful data analysis system, and an intuitive environment for retailers to interact with their customers.

A new communication channel

Using DeeWee's digital receipt solution, you can publish new, promotions, events

Plug & Play Installation

DeeWee's all-in-one platform provides an easy digital receipt solution without requiring any modifications on your POS system. Our user-friendly platform does not require staff training.

Don't wait anymore ! Say Yes to :

A turnkey solution : marketing becomes child's play !

  • Value for money : a price that defines the competition !
  • Simply require Internet Access. No modification on the POS system !
  • Delight your customers with a modern and animated shopping experience.
  • Customers may select their receipt collection option, with no time lost in the checkout process
  • No mobile app download or email signup is necessary !