Increase Customer Engagement via DeeWee’s all-one-one digital platform

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Cultivate your image

Reach out to your consumers with a modern loyalty solution that responds to the latest trends.

Get your network data in real time

Centralize the sales data of your network and measure the marketing performance in real time.

DeeWee Interface Asso

Head of the network

A comprehensive dashboard that centralizes the activities of all your network. You can launch marketing campaigns globally and manage your sales network.

omnicanal marketing

Point of Sale

An interface accessible via the web or mobile application for the store manager to manage his customers and launch marketing campaigns locally.

redynamiser centre-ville


An interface accessible from the web or by a free mobile application that simplifies their shopping experience.

Solution Carte de fidélité

DeeWee's all-in-one platform is feature-rich and can be configured to your specific needs.