DeeWee, an all-in-one customer relationship platform

From anonymous shoppers to your loyal customers

Why set up a customer relationship system?

Retaining a customer costs 5 times less than recruiting a new customer

Increase your turnover

Building customer loyalty means investing in a long-term relationship. The main idea of loyalty is to make customers come back to your store and thus maintain your company's turnover. The more loyal your customers are, the more they buy and the less they hesitate to come back to your store. A study by Bain & Cie showed that increasing the retention of the best customers by 5% led to an increase in the company's economic results by 25 to 55%.

Higher average basket value

On average, a customer with a loyalty card leaves with an average basket 10 to 20% higher. This is because his perception of prices is quite different from an anonymous customer, as he feels like he is getting a promotion on all of his purchases.

Acquire customer knowledge

A loyalty program helps you to build a customer base. This allows you to have better knowledge of your customers, so you can better target your promotional offers and marketing campaigns. By performing more global analyzes, you can better refine your marketing target.

Your New Generation Loyalty Program

10 seconds to activate a card

In less than 10 seconds, you can recruit a new customer and his card is activated immediately

Digital card

With the digital loyalty card, the balance and purchase history can be viewed on the mobile

Personnalized card

You can also personalize the card with your logo and marketing messages

Using bank card as loyalty card

Possibility of using the contactless bank card as a loyalty card. You will never forget it!

Opt for DeeWee's innovative loyalty solution that caters to every customer.

DeeWee's all-in-one platform provides the tools necessary to promote local business and revitalise local communities.

Choose the type of program that suits you best!

Cash back

For every euro spent, a percentage is saved in the pot. This pot can be used from the next purchase. It's a strong incentive for consumers to return to the store, and can be reset in the event of prolonged inactivity. Ex: 2% of your purchases in your pot at each checkout!


The customer accumulates points as they make their purchases and receives a reward when they have reached the necessary number of points. Ex: we offer you a voucher of 1 € for every 50 points accumulated!


The customer accumulates stamps each time they do a purchase. When he reaches the necessary frequency number, he receives a reward. Ex: a pizza offered for every 10 pizzas ordered !

Are you busy with your job, you don't have time, you are not comfortable with computers?

DeeWee is your solution !

DeeWee has set up a very simple to use interface, which allows you to animate your customers in complete autonomy : inform your customers of news, promotions, and events. Above all, you have the possibility to cross-offer with other merchants in order to increase in-store traffic !

Much more than a loyalty card, DeeWee is also :

Web site

You have the possibility to create your web site in 5 minutes ! Be visible and become a communication professional ! No computer prerequisites. Receive your orders by phone and offer Drive or Delivery services to your customers.

Coupons / Good Deals

Coupons can be in electronic or printed format.
Coupon creation is extremely simple and automated.
You define the validity date of the coupon, as well as the conditions of use. The retailer can also insert a bar code on the coupon.

Contest Game

You can animate your shop by creating contest game. You define the terms of use, and you define the number of draws and the number of winners.
Once the game is created, you can invite your customers to play by flashing a QR code displayed on DeeWee Terminal or on a printed receipt.


You can also create satisfaction surveys through the DeeWee Retail interface. Once the survey has been created, you can encourage your customers to take the survey by flashing a QR code displayed on DeeWee Terminal or on a printed receipt.

Digital Receipt

Digital receipt solution is offered to all retailers, whatever their size. The installation is very simple. No modification is necessary on the POS system. The customer can get his receipt simply by using his smartphone with contactless technology or by scanning a QR code.

Prepaid account

Build customer loyalty with a prepaid, rechargeable account. A win-win concept for you and your customers! An customer account with immediate benefits allows you to create a strong relationship with your customers.

An extremely simple dashboard, accessible from your mobile