Territorial animation

“Encourage citizens to go to local shops and consume locally”.

Choice of fun games

Automated Process

Real time statistics

Digital version

You are a retalier union, a community, you want to launch an animation game with the shops of your city, DeeWee is your ideal partner! In a few hours, you can organize the operation.

Unique concept : centalized management of prizes donated by multiple partners

All game partners are invited to donate prizes.

The procedure is very simple: they register online on the DeeWee platform and enter their prizes.

Then, the partners can follow the winners in real time and manage the withdrawal of the prizes. 

The withdrawal of the prizes is secured and automated

The winner goes to the shop where the prize is located, and presents his email with the winning QR code. The partner identifies the winner by scanning his QR code, the status of the winning ticket is then displayed on his screen. If the ticket is valid, the partner validates the withdrawal of the prize.

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The City or the Retailer Union can view all the partners, the prizes in play, as well as the winning tickets. 

Statistics are provided to follow the evolution of the game in real time. 

The advantages of a territorial game

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