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Whatever your sector of activity, your size, DeeWee allows you to benefit from digital technologies. Want to increase traffic? Boost sales? DeeWee has solutions for a variety of business goals.

Our solutions for Unions of retailers and Communities

Encourage citizens to shop in local stores and eat locally. Opt for DeeWee’s shared and unconstrained loyalty solution. Address all of your customers, whatever their profile. Acquire a better knowledge of your customers.

Saverne Shopping

Municipal teams and retailers unions are faced with the problem of desertification in city centers. The numbers are alarming. Thus, for example, in France, according to the APVF, the commercial vacancy rate is higher than 10% for municipalities with between 10,000 and 50,000 inhabitants. And 700 communities are in a critical situation. While elected officials and retailers are mobilizing to bring the citizens back to city-center businesses, DeeWee offers a solution that meets the new challenges and new uses.

In this age of digitalization, DeeWee offers to take advantage of digital technologies to attract and bring customers coming back to local stores, by making the marketing power of large brands accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size. The shared loyalty solution does not require any changes to the POS system. DeeWee allows businesses :

  • To build a customer database
  • To communicate effectively and in real time with your customers
  • To animate your point of sale by offering games
  • To collect your customers opinions

Discover our offers for retailers associations and communities:

Our solutions for independent store

Keep in touch with your customer and build a loyalty program customer base. DeeWee offers you very intuitive management of your customer relationship. Depending on your business, you can take a tailor-made solution adapted to your needs.

DeeWee’s All-in-one Customer Relationship Platform enables you to take advantage of digital technologies to attract and bring customers back to your business.

Our platform integrates the latest market trends and responds intuitively to new users. It puts the marketing power of big retailers into hands of local business, making ot accessible to everyone, regardless of size.

Our solution does not require any modification on your POS system. Take advantage of our turnkey offers to build a customer database, communicate effectively and in real time with customers, animate your points of sale by offering games and collect customers opinions.

Discover our offers for independent stores :

Our solutions for Brands, Retailers and Networks

Develop your relationship marketing from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Reach your customers with a modern loyalty program solution that meets the needs of today’s consumers.

Centralize sales data from your stores and measure your performance in real time.

A complete dashboard that centralizes the activities of all your points of sale. You can launch marketing campaigns globally and manage the network.

Opt for DeeWee’s all-in-one platform that caters to every consumer, to gain a deeper understanding of their purchasing preferences.

The solution is Plug & Play, no POS modification required.

The platform is feature-rich and can be configured to your specific needs. 

Discover our offers for Brands, Big retailers, Franchises

Develop your sales and entrust us for your technical issues.

All DeeWee solutions have been designed to be “turnkey”: whatever your current POS system, our platform adapts to your environment.