Boost the local economy with a multi-store loyalty program

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Collaboration between merchants

Easy to use, no prerequisites

The loyalty card within reach

You are a City or a Retailer Union

DeeWee’s multi-store loyalty program is a modern and automated tool to help you boost your territory, reinforce the reflex of proximity and boost the local economy.

Quick and easy to set up

DeeWee's multi-store loyalty program is a turnkey solution! It is ready to deploy to support your local economy measures and to sustain the local business.

Automated partner management

You have access to dashboards detailing in real time the multi-store sales activities. The management of member stores is completely automated.

Connected and involved citizen experience

The advantages for consumers are numerous: cash back, electronic wallet, contactless checkout, balance and purchase history directly on the mobile.

Increased traffic in the shops

The collaboration between retailers via a multi-store loyalty card creates a dynamic on the territory. The program is sustainable and generates traffic in local stores.

How does it work ?

I am a consumer

1) I can use a physical contactless loyalty card or the mobile application ‘DeeWee Wallet’.

2) I consume locally: I use the contactless loyalty card or I show the QR code of my mobile app at the checkout.

3) I earn money on my pot. I can use it in any of the member store.

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I am a Partner of the program


The management of the multi-store loyalty card is very simple and fluid !

I have a visibility in real time on my sales activities !

I am visible to all the customers of the retailer union.

I use a special reader (or a mobile application) allowing me to identify the user, and the pot is credited or debited directly to the user’s account.


The reader is not mandatory. I can also use a free mobile application or a web page on my computer.

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