Cities : boost your local economy

DeeWee City Pass : a modern and automated tool to encourage citizens to frequent the city center, strengthen the proximity reflex and boost the local economy.

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Municipal teams and retailers unions are facing with the problem of desertification in city centers.

The numbers are alarming. Thus, for example, according to the APVF, the commercial vacancy rate is higher than 10% for municipalities with between 10,000 and 50,000 inhabitants. And 700 communities are in a critical situation.

While elected officials and merchants are mobilizing to bring the French back to city-center businesses, DeeWee offers a solution that meets the new challenges and new uses.

In this age of digitalization, DeeWee offers to take advantage of digital technologies to attract and keep customers coming back to establishments, by making the marketing power of large brands accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size.