City Gift Card

A powerful tool for enhancing the local economy

Multi-Brand Gift Card, physical and / or Digital

e carte cadeau

e-Gift Card with personalized cover letter

You can offer your customers in a hurry the possibility of sending an e-gift card by email, with a nice cover letter.

Carte cadeau multi-commerces

“Contactless” Gift Card with your design

The gesture of offering is already a gift in itself, you have the possibility of personalizing the design of the card corresponding to your image.


Are you a community / city, or an association of retailers ?

Do you want to implement a modern gift card solution, easy to deploy?

Choose DeeWee's omnichannel solution

No Prerequisite for retailers, the procedure is extremely simple!

Encaisser carte cadeau

In less than 5 minutes, the retailer can register on the DeeWee platform and be ready to sell or cash in the City Gift Cards.

The retailer has no computer ? No problem ! The retailer can opt for the DeeWee terminal or use the free DeeWee mobile app on their phone.

An intuitive dashboard

A real-time Dashboard for retailers and the association to monitor the sales and use of gift cards.

The compensation between the association and retailers is done automatically. You don't have to do anything, the system takes care of everything.

The advantages for retailers


Solution ready to be deployed