Boost the tourist attractiveness of your territory

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DeeWee's “Tourism Pass”: a modern and automated tool to boost tourism activities in your territory

How does it work ?

I am a Tourism Pass Partner

The management of Pass tourism is very simple and fluid, I can scan the Pass with a specific terminal or a mobile application. The customer is identified immediately and my offers are then automatically deducted from the Pass.

I have an intuitive dashboard that allows me to have visibility on my activities in real time!

I can then follow the activities of my clients, my turnover, and view statistics at any time.

I am consumer

1) I buy a Pass Tourism at the tourism office or online. I can choose the digital or physical version.

2) With any partner: I use the Contactless Pass or I show the QR code of my “DeeWee Wallet” application.

3) I can log on to my customer account  where I can view the balance and history of my expenses in real time. I can also geolocate all partners and their offers in the mobile application.