Your Digital Menu

With the DeeWee digital menu, you no longer need to disinfect paper menu! 

No more constraint !




You stick the QR Code label on your table or on an easel.


The customer can use his phone, either he scans the QR code, or he enters the url of your site.


You don't have to do anything, DeeWee takes care of everything!

Digital Menu = Contactless

No disinfection of menu after each order.

The customer uses directly his smartphone with the camera or any QR Code scanner. He scans the QR code placed on the table, he will be directed to your restaurant’s website, and will then be able to view the menu, drink cards. If you have put the photos of your dishes, he can also view them.

Price: 90 € VAT

DeeWee is also an all-in-one Customer Relationship Platform. You can benefit from other features at a preferential rate when you are ready: